Challenges We Solve

We build and automate connectors to connect data from myriad sources, and solve a key challenge of centralizing all relevant data

We codify reusable data validation functions, and enable corrections, validation and tranformation .

We automate pipelines for ingesting, cleaning and transforming data with custom alerts, triggers and fallback mechanisms, across multiple CSP’s.

We build and deliver business visualizations , with proficiency in industry-leading tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and Amazon Quicksight.

Our experienced and dedicated team of data professionals provide reliable support along with DevOps experience for on-premises/cloud deployment models.

How We Help

Our comprehensive set of data services help to transform your data into a trusted resource for business insights and deliver relevant and timely information to drive better business results.

Data Operations
  • Data Exploration, validation and transformation
  • Implementation of scalable data platforms
  • Real-time and batch data pipelines & automation
Cloud Data Infrastructure
  • Deploy and deliver data platforms on cloud
  • Data Lakes setup and management
  • Cost-optimized and efficient cloud data storage
Business Analytics:
  • Descriptive Analytics using leading BI platforms
  • Integration of BI platforms with data lakes, SaaS platforms, and other data
    sources for 360 degree visibility
  • Predictive Analytics using Machine learning

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