Challenges We Solve

Utilizing AI chatbots, LLM’s such as ChatGPT, and cloud technologies such as Amazon Connect, Transcribe, Translate and NLP, we help our clients greatly enhance their customer experience by integrating data, CRM & voice platforms and using bots to improve accuracy and productivity.

While general internet searches have taken a quantum leap with AI, DataLens enables AI-powered context and company-specific search on company’s private data using popular LLM engines. Business intelligence democratized, and available to queries in simple English.

Enterprises have rapidly progressed beyond using Generative AI for information retrieval. DataLens works with customers in building solutions using Gen AI for large, specialized projects such as software (application) development and testing.

How We Help

Implementation & Integration
  • Implementation, workflow and customization of platforms and tools
  • Integration of best-of-breed AI solutions for business requirements
  • Build customer analytics across diverse CRM, voice platforms
Design & Build solutions
  • Design and build bots, search-engine solutions using platforms such as Coveo, Amazon Kendra, Opensearch
  • Design and build of image and document management solutions using AWS tools such as Rekognition

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