Premium Package for Databricks Services


Datalens offers as a starter package for customers to enable them to plan, budget for, design and implement a Databricks datalake.

  • Scope Definition & Assessment
  • Project Planning & Cloud Cost estimates
  • Designing Databricks and cloud environments
  • Design Document & Customer Sign off
  • Building the DB & cloud instances
  • Build data migration from sources* – 10
  • Build data mapping, validation and transformations end to end, until DB data lake
  • Data job complexities handled** – 25
  • Automation of the data pipelines in DB
  • User Training & Handover
  • Support – 6 months
  • Schedule for Delivery – 75 days

*Data sources include databases or applications
**Data complexities mean, for e.g. complex multi stage jobs that result in multiple


  • Cloud infrastructure and Databricks license costs are not considered in the costing mentioned above
  • Cloud account and DB account creation will be mutually agreed between DataLens and Customer
  • Any issues related to Infrastructure will be resolved through respective CSP’s Business Support and the costs for that will be additional
  • All start-stop schedules for the instances will be shared by the Customer
  • Tools developed by Datalens, if deployed, will be the intellectual property of DataLens and will not form part of delivery to Customer
  • Any changes to requirements will go through the change management process. Such changes will be allowed only after a mutual agreement between the Parties in writing (emails permitted) and will be considered as a separate proposal
  • Schedule mentioned in each option is based on assumptions on data access, customer response etc.; any delays from the Customer end will result in schedules being modified