DHEE-CHAT: The Positive Power of ChatGPT

August 2023

In a world driven by data, the ability to glean actionable insights from raw information is a competitive advantage. Today, no tech news is complete without a mention of ChatGPT or the power of Generative AI. With everyone (and their neighbor) talking about the positive power of ChatGPT, it obviously followed that others highlighted the risks of bad data, data bias etc. However, we are interested primarily in how all businesses can leverage the power of AI, not just tech and e-commerce companies.


The fundamental idea behind the explosion of enterprise interest in ChatGPT is the notion of a real-time, at-your-fingertip insight into the Enterprise’s own and proprietary data. Something that all the powerful BI and reporting tools could not achieve, suddenly seems so full of potential. From a CIO, or a customer support agent, to a product technician, an ability to query your data with simple English, removes the dependency on armies of BI specialists, and pre-defined reports.


Understanding ChatGPT’s Potential

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has transcended its initial role as a conversational AI model. Its capabilities have expanded to encompass data analysis, making it a formidable tool for enterprises seeking deeper insights from their own data. This advancement holds the potential to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately, boost competitiveness.

Here’s a look at some of its benefits in the context of Enterprise Data:

–        Instantaneous Data Exploration and Analysis

Traditional data analysis often involves complex queries and lengthy processing times. With ChatGPT, this paradigm shifts. The AI can process queries in natural language, allowing users to converse with the system as if they were conversing with a human colleague. This conversational approach enables real-time exploration of data, where users can ask questions, receive immediate responses, and even engage in interactive discussions around insights.

–        Enhanced Decision-Making

ChatGPT’s real-time insights provide decision-makers with a dynamic and intuitive way to interact with their data. Imagine a CTO seeking to optimize resource allocation within an IT department. By conversing with ChatGPT, the CTO can instantly receive information about server usage, performance metrics, and historical trends. This real-time interaction empowers quicker and more informed decisions, leading to improved resource management and operational efficiency.

–        Personalized Data Interpretation

A notable advantage of ChatGPT is its ability to translate complex data into accessible language. This is invaluable for enterprises looking to democratize data insights across various departments and skill levels. Non-technical team members can engage with the AI, asking questions about sales figures, customer behaviors, or market trends, and receive clear, concise responses that facilitate a deeper understanding of the data’s implications.

–        Forecasting and Trend Analysis

ChatGPT’s AI-powered algorithms can also analyze historical data to identify patterns, trends, and potential future outcomes. Enterprises can leverage this feature to make informed predictions and projections, aiding strategic planning and risk management. Whether it’s predicting product demand, anticipating market shifts, or identifying emerging opportunities, ChatGPT’s real-time insights contribute to a proactive and agile business approach.

–        Continuous Learning and Improvement

As enterprises interact with ChatGPT and seek insights, the AI learns from each interaction. This ongoing learning process enables the system to refine its responses over time, becoming increasingly attuned to the specific needs and nuances of the enterprise. This adaptability ensures that ChatGPT’s insights remain relevant and accurate, supporting the enterprise’s evolving data analysis requirements.



Introducing DheeChat: Your Enterprise Concierge

The Team at DataLens, a born-in-the-data-cloud company, is privileged to have served many large enterprises to build connectors, data validators, automated data pipelines and BI templates. Our AI team has been working with customers to harness the power of LLMs (Large Language Models) in building the data concierge for the Enterprise CIO. A core aspect of this is working with a plethora of LLMs, including proprietary and open source.


With prompt engineering being the key domain, our engineers have worked on a simple mandate – How to build the LLM’s around a company’s proprietary data and provide meaningful information to the questioner. The team has utilized the experiences to build a repeatable model, for typical enterprise data repositories.


The DheeChat platform

We have incorporated the power of Chat GPT into DataLens’ own proprietary platform Dhee. DheeChat platform leverages ChatGPT engine to provide real-time answers from some typical enterprise data repositories – SQL databases, PDF documents, and the ubiquitous csv files. Building upon our tuned prompt engineering models, DheeChat platform helps a user ask questions and retrieve answers from these common data sources. 

Let’s think about the audience personas here:

– a business-line owner could be asking quarterly sales related info.

– A customer support engineer might want to pull up information from a product manual.

– a data engineer might want to check on a source data file.


In each of these cases, we can safely assume that a knowledge of English (or the local business language) is all that is required to search and retrieve the information against the internal data securely.

DheeChat Platform 

The key features of this platform for an enterprise are:

  • Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, securely against internal data stored in the company’s cloud account. Not every business has the resources to build their own LLM’s from scratch.
  • The search and retrieval are dynamic – the underlying data could be in a data lake, and constantly changing, which means the insights are real-time. This business value of AI-driven search and retrieval alone is immense.


ChatGPT’s role as a real-time insights provider for enterprise data is redefining the data analysis landscape. Its conversational interface, speed, and accessibility make it a powerful tool for decision-makers at all levels of an organization. By embracing ChatGPT, enterprises can unlock the full potential of their data, transforming it into a strategic asset that propels business growth and innovation.

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