Datadog Integration Services:
  • DataLens team of data and ML Ops specialists, help customers productionize, operationalize and derive continuing value from their data and ML projects. Our teams will be proficient and be certified in Databricks Machine Learning, and thus help customers realize value from their investments.
  • Datalens engineers, when building the data and ML pipelines and automation for the customers, will build enhanced , granular logging, and integrate with the customers Datadog platform for centralized command-center console functionality and enhanced visibility into the data operations.
  • The Dhee platform will encompass custom logs with more granular metrics on data and ML Ops. By feeding this information into Datadog, and leveraging Datadog’s easy, intuitive presentation function,customers find it easier to monitor,fix and control the operations. By adding this to their overall strategy of infrastructure and application monitoring, customers get a centralized command center for their infrastructure, data and applications.Dhee is being built to be available on Datadog integration portal by Q2 2023.

Other Partners