As a key player in cloud data technologies, and a leader in data lake platforms,Databricks is a strategic partner for DataLens. DataLens continuously invests in building competencies in our platforms, solutions, and resources to align and accelerate customers’ use of Databricks.

Our Competencies
DeltaLake :
  • Delta Lake is an open format storage layer that delivers reliability, security and performance on your data lake — for both streaming and batch operations. By replacing data silos with a single home for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, Delta Lake is the foundation of a cost-effective, highly scalable lakehouse.
Databricks Machine Learning:
  • Built on an open lakehouse architecture, Databricks Machine Learning empowers ML teams to prepare and process data, streamlines cross-team collaboration and standardizes the full ML lifecycle from experimentation to production.
  • DataLens team of ML Ops specialists, help customers productionize, operationalize and derive continuing value from their ML projects. Our teams will be proficient and be certified in Databricks Machine Learning, and thus help customers realize value from their investments.
Dhee Platform Accelerator:
  • Dhee platform integrates and collaborates with the Databricks platforms in multiple areas. Dhee’s extensive suite of data connectors help ingest data into DeltaLake; the DQC feature ensures data quality; Databricks jobs can be orchestrated inside Dhee; and the observability feature of Dhee helps a dashboard view of Databricks transaction successes.

DataLens team of highly skilled data engineers, experienced and proficient in Databricks Deltalake and ML, will enable and accelerate customers data engineering and data lake projects, by helping architect and implement the most efficient and optimal solution.

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