Streamline Your Data And ML Ops

Data is an integral aspect of any business. It allows for solution development, metric tracking, and creates a structure for streamlined and integrated processes. Data empowers business decisions. With Dhee Data-Ops platform, you will be able to address issues related to inefficient data generation and processing, as well as enhance data quality by rectifying errors and inconsistencies.

The Dhee Advantage

DHEE Data-ops platform supports the deployment and management of 100’s of Data sources & destinations. It also offers writing custom data quality checks & machine learning models, including training, testing, and deployment, as well as model versioning, retraining, and serving.

Observability is important for monitoring performance and detecting issues. The platform uses logging and monitoring to capture metrics and generate alerts, track versioning, and provide real-time insights. This ensures that deployed models are reliable, accurate, and scalable to support data-driven decision-making.

It offers a significant number of integrations with more than 300 + well-regarded sources Connectors on DHEE data-ops platforms run in Docker containers, which allows for independent operating. You can easily monitor each of your connectors, refresh them as needed, and schedule updates.

The platform supports a wide range of data sources and provides prebuilt and
custom-built connectors to enable seamless integration of these sources.

The platform offers several tools to clean and validate data, ensuring data accuracy and completeness.

The platform provides a powerful ETL processing capability that allows for the efficient transformation of data into a format that can be easily analyzed

The platform enables the creation of interactive dashboards and reports, allowing users to gain insights into their data through charts, graphs, and other visualizations.

The platform enables collaboration between teams, allowing users to share data, reports, and dashboards with other team members.

The platform provides robust security features to protect data privacy and ensure compliance with data regulations.

Key Features


Accelerating data migration through 100’s of connectors


Low-code validation and transformation rules engine


Orchestration, from a central platform, of multiple data platforms (multi-cloud solution)


Fine-grained user-level control, governance and data security


Observability for Data Ops & ML Ops functions, providing an enhanced feedback loop, that increases efficiency of operations

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