Building the Intelligent Enterprise by maximizing
the value of data

Low data maturity is a big obstacle for organisations. DataLens, a data innovation company,leverages data engineering, cloud and analytics at scale to power the business growth and market leadership of our customers.

Accelerate Your Data & ML Projects

Dhee, our ML Operations platform, offers a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities for Data Engineering, ML-Ops Automation and Control. Dhee helps organizations streamline and optimize their data and machine learning operations.

  • Pre-built and custom connectors for data migration
  • Automating and orchestrating data pipelines on leading CSP
  • Low-code data quality checks
  • Data observability
  • Industry-specific ML model templates
  • Fine-grained user-level control, governance and data security


Our Strategic Partnerships with Industry leaders help us to address your specific business needs.

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The field of Data Science is here to stay and grow. Are you an experienced data professional looking to work on enterprise-scale projects, OR looking to start your career in this exciting industry ? Datalens is the perfect place for you.

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